The Blessing of being Snow Stuck

snow stuck

Looking out my yoga room window, I see snow falling gently in large fluffy flakes, sticking to everything … evergreens and grass. How bountiful the snow is today.

I let out a heavy sigh. But I had plans … I arranged for a day off work …. 7 hours wasted!

It’s the type of day children dream of. The ever-anticipated SNOW DAY!!!! The no bus, roll over in bed sleep an extra hour, make a snowman, drink hot chocolate, toboggan, meet friends on the street have a snow fight, watch old Disney movies … kid kind of day.

Cue in the sounds of distant children’s laughter and Whoop!!!!

And  yet I scream silently in my head …. BUT I HAD PLANS!!!!!

Hmmmm … when was it that I became an old-lady-grump complaining about such a lovely day?

Looking out the window again, I have to admit it is rather beautiful. I take a sip of my special Christmas coffee – mmmm, nutmeg and cinnamon.

But my carefully constructed plans are shot! I have used a day off work to be productive – appointments with dentist, doctor and last minute Christmas shopping – all of this has been foiled by Mother Nature!

Bah! Humbug!

Yet the view from my window is so wonderfully lovely.

Perhaps I should simply unleash my “inner child” and EMBRACE this amazing turn of events. Maybe this is exactly what I need. It could be that sitting in this yoga room, living in the moment, enjoying this snow fall is exactly where I need to be – exactly where my body, soul and mind need to be.

Heavenly snow – beautiful healing crystals falling softly from the sky.

I sigh contentedly. After all, everything I need is right here, right now.

I enjoy this incredible moment. I give thanks for the experience of being snow-stuck. I am grateful for the unexpected pause today brings.

What a blessing. A lovely pre-Christmas gift.

Snow-Stuck! How did I ever get to be so lucky?!