For the Woman of a Certain Age – Le Maquiage


As much as I hate to admit it … I have become a “woman of a certain age”!

Ugg! When did this happen?! Anyway, I can recall being twenty-something, and observing “women of a certain age”, and one thing I was certain of was I did not want to be the kind that obsessed over aging, who tried to look like a twenty-something when I clearly was not.

Which brings me here. It is the dawn of 2015 (not 1985 – YIKES) and I am on the threshold of a year long quest to look the best that I can AT THE AGE THAT I AM.

I do not aspire to look like a twenty or even thirty-something. I just want to look as good as possible at the age that I am and this process needs to be as natural as possible.

My first consultation was with Dr. Google. Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Antioxidants, this cream, that cream, eat this, eat that, this procedure and that procedure … uggg! What to do?

My initial thought was to work from the inside out. And this I am sure is the best idea. Hence more to come in future blogs (because I have done some AWESOME research!)

HOWEVER! On this lovely third day of January, I need a lift.

And then it happened … I caught my lovely 20-something daughter doing her make-up and countouring, etc. I commented: “That is lovely, but would not work for me. At my age, I need to be natural…”

She rolled her eyes: “Let me finish, and then I will show you …”

She, who needs no make-up transformed herself to become even more irresistible.

Then she turned to me. “Add a little of this green to these areas, the ones you feel are too red”. She used a brush to “paint” green over my nose and that dubious small area beside it, my upper lip, chin and just a touch of my forehead.

“I want to keep the blush on my cheeks – it’s natural”, I insisted.

She added a little whitish violet on the inner part of my eyes, by the nose (to make your eyes look a touch more widespread), a smidgeon under the arch of my eye-brow and an upward stroke by the outer edge of my eyes (“to give you a little lift”).

“I like my dark circles!”, I declared courageously. “They make me look natural, and busy, and like I have an interesting life …”

“Just a little touch of the yellow-beige to cover the darkness, ever so slightly”. She insisted. “Trust me! I will make it look natural.”

On a triangle sponge (she bought from the dollar store!), she squirted a little of my  foundation. “Just a bit to blend it all”.

“Do you have any powder?” she inquired. “Mine is translucent, but has highlights.” Apparently reflective highlights don’t work well with a “woman of a certain age”. I gave her my pressed, matte powder.”Yes, just a touch with a brush here and there”.

“And lipstick, lets make it fun!” She added a dollop of her own lovely red! Somethimes you CAN add a little youthful touch … “Voila! Now look! And in under 5 minutes! Totally natural!”

I looked. “Oh, my!” I look like myself, I look my age, but so ….


actually kind of pretty!


It’s natural … but just a touch of … je ne sais pas … !”

So, my first tip on the journey to anti-aging for a woman of a certain age –


Just a touch of make-up strategically placed in a manner that suits one’s age. Because, let’s face it, nothing contributes more to a woman’s attractiveness than her OWN FEELING of being attractive. It just adds that little spring to her step, that slight glow to her face.

So, today’s tip on looking the best you can at a “certain age” … revamp your make-up routine! Go to a professional, to a cosmetic counter, or, if you are really lucky, to your 20-something irresistible daughter, and find something that truly suits your style, skin and birthdate.

Today’s product! Lise Watier Portfolio.

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