Comfortable in my Imperfection

I’m blessed to be a Grandmother – a little earlier than I expected, but still feeling blessed about it.

As soon as I became a Grandmother, I started getting comments from well-meaning strangers and friends.

“YOU are a Grandmother?”

“You barely look old enough to be a Mom, and now you’re saying you’re a GRANDMA?”

“You are such a young looking Grandmother.”

I know that these comments come from a caring spirit and I do appreciate them.

I, like most other women, enjoy receiving a compliment. Thanks go out to my Mama who gave me the genes to look like a young Grandma!

That being said, there is more to me, as there is more to any woman, than the genes we happened to be born with. And let’s not forget that no matter how good those genes are, time marches on and age catches up to us all.

I can’t help how my cheek-bones sit. I have no control over my body shape and metabolism. I can use all the sunscreen and expensive anti-age creams I can afford, but I will still get wrinkles and gravity will still have it’s way with my body.

This is true for us all.

What I can control, though, is who I am and how I live. As my Grandmother told me, and I have now told my daughters, after a “certain age”, a woman looks like she has lived, not how she was born.

If you live in anger and bitterness, it will reflect on your face. Conversely, if you live in love and giving, that too will reflect itself outwardly. I have seen beautiful older women in their 70’s and up, who have a lovely fresh glow about them, because they have beautiful spirits.

This is something I can control. Something so priceless, it can never be sold in a bottle.

I also think that it’s important to stay active, busy and learning. I know that when I do yoga or go for a long walk in nature, I feel grateful for the body I have (despite the imperfections) and comfortable in my own skin. And when I explore something new – like different foods, another area of the city, a new author – my curiosity is sparked and my mind expands. Things like these make me excited to be alive.

I think this enthusiasm adds a little sparkle, even to an aging continence.

Live well, be active, keep learning, love others, be curious, give generously, forgive, embrace what you have … These have all become my little “anti-aging” secrets.

In the end, I believe that growing older is a privilege and a blessing.


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