What If

what if

I have been thinking deeply on this concept.

What if, instead of wishing for what I do not have,

Instead of wishing away what I do not want,

Instead of letting fear of the future drive me,

What if, instead of that, I simply allowed good things to enter my life on a regular basis,

And I nurtured these good things which helped them to grow,

How beautiful would life be then?

Baby Steps to Positive Change


Baby steps, I think, are a great way to make positive and lasting changes in life, without becoming overwhelmed.

We can dream about a life we would love to have. Break down the dream into manageable goals, and there we have a game plan.

Once a goal is decided upon, we can start to make small choices each day that support and work toward that goal.

For instance, perhaps I want more happiness in my life. I could decide that each morning, I will set aside 10 minutes to do Sun Salutations. I know this practice loosens up muscles that are stiff from sleep and also brings energy to my being. This would be one simple addition to life that would contribute to my happiness each day. Done, in conjunction with some other small tweaks to my daily routine, it could add up to more joy and contentment on a grander scale.

I would like to encourage anyone who wants change, but feels overwhelmed, to take it a little slower and break it into small baby steps that are easy to implement. Done faithfully, these small steps can lead to a beautiful future.