Perfectly You


And I said to my body softly

I want to be your friend.

It took a long breath and replied

I have been waiting my whole life for this

We all come in different shapes and sizes.

That’s what makes us so unique.

That’s what makes us beautiful, each in our own way.

Please never ever compare your body to anyone else’s.

Know that your body serves you well

Lungs breathing, Heart beating

Legs walking, Hands holding

And Mouths kissing

Please love yourself enough

 To accept yourself just as you are.

Because just as you are

Is perfect, Is beautiful

To a Friendship Lost

I have to admit,

Sometimes I miss you,

I miss the friendship we had,

I miss the comfort of having someone who cared,

Who I believed prayed for me,

Who I thought would be there for me,

Even in my hard times,

Even in my difficult,


Irrational times.

I thought you would hold on to who I was

And that by you holding on to who I was,

I would be reminded of myself,

And I would not have to change.

But circumstances propelled me forward,

And you were not there reminding me,

So I was left to forge my own path,

To create my own way.


At times I looked back,

But each time I did,

I was further and further away,

And eventually the time came,

when I looked back,

I could no longer see you.

And when I could not see you,

I could no longer see who I was,

Who I used to be.


It was then I realized,

I had become a new me,

I became the me I am now.

I like who I am now,

(I actually love who I am now),

But sometimes I miss you,

And I miss the me who I was.

Sometimes I wish you were here to remind me.

But I can no longer reach you,

Not as the me that I am now.


So I bless you from afar,

And I bless the me that I was,

I could do no less.

For the me that I was,

Is the Mother of the person I have become,

And you were so important to her.