Dancing in the Rain


This morning I have been thinking about how things can change so much in a year.

Coincidentally, my facebook newsfeed was showing flashbacks from posts I have done in previous years on this date. I feel so blessed at the wonderful Labour Day week-ends I have experienced.

September 5, 2011 – Beautiful cottage week-end


Last year on this date we had a huge rain storm. I and one of my daughters along with a good friend of mine, found cover in my backyard gazebo, hooked up an Ipod to a portable speaker, and we spent the evening dancing in the rain. It was a great way to celebrate the end of the summer and the changes to come in the new fall season.

September 5, 2014. See the song I was dancing to Here


This year, the daughter I danced in the rain with, has freshly moved to her own new apartment (first time leaving home), and is creating her own cozy home. I am so happy for her and wish her all the blessings in the world on the new adventures she will have. I will also be joining her later this week-end for a little visit. I wonder what new memories will be made for this day? I wonder what will be shown for Labour Day week-end 2015 on my facebook newsfeed in the coming years?

Nobody knows what the future holds. This is why change can sometimes be a little frightening. But when we embrace the changes, with all the emotions that come with them, and trust that we are exactly where we should be at any given moment, we open ourselves up to all the blessings, adventures and lessons in love that life has to offer.

This is such a wonderful thing!

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