My Journey Plan for this New Year

If I were to draw a map,

Of the direction I want my spirit to take this year,

It would start and end with Love,

In between would be tolerance,



And Kindness.



Part of my Spiritual Map would be

to continue to learn

how to love and accept myself

just as I am,

Because if I cannot love and accept myself,

How could I possibly legitimately love and accept others?




In this way,

Boundaries will be a part,

Of my Spirit Journey,

No matter what someone is going through,

Or how a person is doing emotionally,

Nobody has a right

To make another person feel small,


Or hurt,

I will still Love,

Those who are so hurt,

That they feel the need

To pass that hurt on,

I will love them safely

From a distance,

And I will remind myself,

This is the best I can do,

This is enough for me to do.



Family is an important part of my Journey,

“Charity starts at home” is a key theme,

After all, how could I possibly give to others,

From the heart with pure intentions,

If my own family is left wanting?




There will be music on my Journey,

All kinds of music,

Upbeat, positive and heart-felt.

It will be from all sorts of genres,

Rock, pop, country, gospel,

It would not matter,

Just so long as it speaks to the soul and

Encourages the spirit.



The only “rules” I will place on my Spirit,

Will be to treat others

With the same love,


and respect

That I want to be treated with.


I will not participate in theological arguments,

There will be no shunning or ostracizing others.

Coming on-side and journeying with me

Will be a matter of simply living the best one can,

In Love and Kindness.



I’m looking forward to the Journey

My spirit will take this year,

Filled with Love,

From beginning to end.

journey 2




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