The Choice of Joy


I choose to walk a path of joy, in all circumstances

I know this is not always easy; that in every life, circumstances come and go. Some are conducive to happiness, while others bring pain.

Yet, still, I choose happiness.

I am committed to finding at least one beautiful blessing in life each day – even if that blessing is as “ordinary” as a warm comfortable bed, a beautiful sunrise, or a lovely gentle breeze on my neck. I want to focus on what is available in the here and now that has potential to bring joy. I want to nurture that joy. And I want to pass it on.

This does not mean there are never days of tears, fears or sadness. It just means that, along with all the other emotions I am feeling, I will also pay attention to the ones that bring a smile to my face. I hope others will smile too.

I choose the road of joy. I hope you will too.

Albert Camus

On Fear and Hope


In a very few words, Nelson Mandela delivers a lot of wisdom here.

I wonder how life changing it would be to take this quote into consideration before making big decisions?

Where would my life be had I followed this? And what would it look like in the future if I start to follow it now?

A life built from fear or a life built around hope? The answer seems obvious, but not so easy in tense moments.

My wish for all of us is that we have the courage in all circumstances to live our lives based on the beautiful hope within us..

What If

what if

I have been thinking deeply on this concept.

What if, instead of wishing for what I do not have,

Instead of wishing away what I do not want,

Instead of letting fear of the future drive me,

What if, instead of that, I simply allowed good things to enter my life on a regular basis,

And I nurtured these good things which helped them to grow,

How beautiful would life be then?