My New Year’s Wish for All of Us

A few days ago, I was at McDonald’s and had ordered our darling grandson a Happy Meal. He was jumping around, looking at everything and everyone. And when the meal came, he was SO EXCITED about the little toy inside. He jumped up and down and gave a little “whoop”! One lady passed by us and said: “I want to be as happy as he is”! And I thought about that. This is what I want for myself and for all of us in 2017 – to be happy, joyful, excited; to notice the little everyday small blessings that occur and to be so excited and thankful for them! Life lessons from the little ones are the best lessons of all!

Now New Year’s day has come and gone, and I think a good way to start off is to set some intentions. I did this last year, and upon review, noticed writing them down helped me to assess how things were going 6 months down the line.

So, without further ado, here is my 2017 list:

  1. I want to reconnect with my faith. Anyone who has read this blog will know that a few years ago I suffered a deep hurt within my former church. I have noticed that unfortunately, this has caused me to disconnect a bit with God. And I’ve realized that what happened in the church had nothing to do with God. It was not God’s will. It was not something God permitted in order to “teach” or “refine” me. It was an unfortunate and very human event. Period. It’s time now to reconnect with the Divine. To accomplish this, I am setting the intention to read a bit of the Bible each day. Even if that means one verse. I believe this will reignite my faith. I also believe this will further contribute to my spiritual healing.
  2. I want to care even less about what other people think of me. Not that I don’t want to be social. Of course I do. And of course I want to get along with people. But, at this age, I realize that a life lived to please others is not a life fully lived. I am responsible for my choices and the consequences thereof. I want to live as I please so far as it causes no harm to anyone else. As a former “people pleaser”, I believe this intention will further contribute to my healing.
  3. I want to find a way to help others outside of a church/religious environment. Maybe I will take a turn at a food bank. Maybe I will give a gift card to a homeless person. Maybe I will sit and listen to someone who needs to be heard. I would like my heart to be open to these opportunities.
  4. I want to return to my yoga practice. I have been busy for the last couple of years helping my daughter raise my wonderful grandson. But I realize I need to build in some time for myself again. A lovely friend has signed me up for a yoga class starting this month, and I intend to carve this time out for me.
  5. I want to continue to support and love this little family. I can’t think of anything more worthy to do. As Mother Teresa said: “What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family.”

I wish everyone a lovely successful and joyful new year. May all your dreams for 2017 come true! vicky-and-laurie-2


My Journey Plan for this New Year

If I were to draw a map,

Of the direction I want my spirit to take this year,

It would start and end with Love,

In between would be tolerance,



And Kindness.



Part of my Spiritual Map would be

to continue to learn

how to love and accept myself

just as I am,

Because if I cannot love and accept myself,

How could I possibly legitimately love and accept others?




In this way,

Boundaries will be a part,

Of my Spirit Journey,

No matter what someone is going through,

Or how a person is doing emotionally,

Nobody has a right

To make another person feel small,


Or hurt,

I will still Love,

Those who are so hurt,

That they feel the need

To pass that hurt on,

I will love them safely

From a distance,

And I will remind myself,

This is the best I can do,

This is enough for me to do.



Family is an important part of my Journey,

“Charity starts at home” is a key theme,

After all, how could I possibly give to others,

From the heart with pure intentions,

If my own family is left wanting?




There will be music on my Journey,

All kinds of music,

Upbeat, positive and heart-felt.

It will be from all sorts of genres,

Rock, pop, country, gospel,

It would not matter,

Just so long as it speaks to the soul and

Encourages the spirit.



The only “rules” I will place on my Spirit,

Will be to treat others

With the same love,


and respect

That I want to be treated with.


I will not participate in theological arguments,

There will be no shunning or ostracizing others.

Coming on-side and journeying with me

Will be a matter of simply living the best one can,

In Love and Kindness.



I’m looking forward to the Journey

My spirit will take this year,

Filled with Love,

From beginning to end.

journey 2