To a Friendship Lost

I have to admit,

Sometimes I miss you,

I miss the friendship we had,

I miss the comfort of having someone who cared,

Who I believed prayed for me,

Who I thought would be there for me,

Even in my hard times,

Even in my difficult,


Irrational times.

I thought you would hold on to who I was

And that by you holding on to who I was,

I would be reminded of myself,

And I would not have to change.

But circumstances propelled me forward,

And you were not there reminding me,

So I was left to forge my own path,

To create my own way.


At times I looked back,

But each time I did,

I was further and further away,

And eventually the time came,

when I looked back,

I could no longer see you.

And when I could not see you,

I could no longer see who I was,

Who I used to be.


It was then I realized,

I had become a new me,

I became the me I am now.

I like who I am now,

(I actually love who I am now),

But sometimes I miss you,

And I miss the me who I was.

Sometimes I wish you were here to remind me.

But I can no longer reach you,

Not as the me that I am now.


So I bless you from afar,

And I bless the me that I was,

I could do no less.

For the me that I was,

Is the Mother of the person I have become,

And you were so important to her.